21 April 2008

†Trip To National Park†

†Just came back from a Diabetic Management Course in National Park located in Pahang. The trip was unexpectedly fun. First of all, I met the one and only Indian pharmacist in the whole Pahang state, followed by some weird nerdy 4-eyed druggists who ask cocks and shits during the course, pigs which are not tame (wild boars i mean) and some interesting orang asli known to be migrated from Africa.

†I can't believe when the tour guide told us that the taman negara has one of the oldest rain forest on earth. "135 million year old Taman Negara is a heaven for the nation’s flora and fauna... bla bla and bla..." said the tour guide.

†Green green green. Everything is green. Thats all about the national park. Kinda bored while waiting for the rest of the pharmacists. So me, Khien Yung, Chien Kuan and Primita decided to do some crazy stuffs while waiting.

†6-handed buddha statue? Nah... I would say its 6-handed multi-racial pharmababe xD†

†Me and my friends were wandering around the chalet and we were expecting to see some interesting plants or insects. Yes we do see something really interesting.

†Lucky enough the pig wasn't aggressive and its kinda retarded (maybe it stays in Malaysia for too long xD).

†Tada... group photo. Now here's a task: guess which one is the big boss of the Pahang state pharmacists?

†Can't locate which one is the big boss? Okay, lets reduce the number of people.

†The clue is... Blue... Baby Blue... Yeah... She's the boss xD

†End of the course: Everything was fine except for one thing... my skin... urgh... >.<"

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