19 February 2008

† Me & Keat †

About Me...?
Okay, My name is Su Keat (徐捷), don't ask me why... yes, there's only 2 words in my name. Su is my family name and Keat is my name. 在下姓徐,单名捷是也! Currently working as a pharmacist... Errr... what else should I say? Well, born 1984, 28th of February.

What I like...?
Music... I play guitar and drum since year 1997. Before guitar and drum, I was forced to learn piano since the age of 5 and once I obtained my grade 5 at the age of 12, I switched my focus of instruments in guitar and drum. I do play a little bit of bass guitar, but I won't say I'm good in it. I play most of the music with my band members, as well as during the church service.

Sports... Basketball is always my favorite. Got inspired by Kareem Abdul Jaabar (aka master of sky-hook) since the age 10 and I started playing basketball at the age of 11, until now XD Favorite NBA team: any team as long as Jason Kid is there XD Not to forget about pingpong. I love pingpong so much that I'm willing to spend my time practicing against the wall. I learned taekwondo since the age of 6 and I obtained my black belt at the age of 13. Didn't manage to win any medal during the tournament but at least I manage to do high back-swing kick. Thanks to my taekwondo that I manage to catch a thief who breaks into our apartment when I was studying in Scotland XD

Entertainment... Games, PS2, Online Games... You name it. My favorite of all time is always Warcraft III. Other than games, I love reading comic, as well as watching anime.

Hobby... To make it simple: Hunt for interesting stuffs! 凡是有趣的东西,只要给我看到,我一定不会放过!

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