20 February 2008

†Pet - Mechanical & Online†

†Love to adopt a pet? If you're sick of NeoPet or Human Pet (facebook's sub-application), you can try this Nabaztag ^^v Saw this stuff on the internet as well as Singapore. Very interesting ^^

†Some information about Nabaztag: Its a Wi-Fi enabled electronic device in the shape of a... erm.... mouse? rabbit? pig? Bah... I dun care... its just look cute xD anyway, its invented by this two person according to Wikipedia: Rafi Haladjian and Olivier Mével, and manufactured by Violet (a French company I guess).

➸Read More About Nabaztag➸

†It connects to the internet to download weather forecasts, read its owner's email, send mail to other Nabaztag users and bla bla bla.

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