05 July 2011

† 大黒摩季: 太陽の国へ行こうよ すぐに ~空飛ぶ夢に乗って~ †

歌手: 大黒摩季
作詞: 大黒摩季
作曲: 大野愛果

いずれするつもり… と

心裸にして なごみある日々を探しに

太陽の国へ行こうよ すぐに
空飛ぶ夢に乗って 宇宙を走る

常識 成り行き 受け身 調和 思い入れ
ささいな事に 心揺れるのは

夢中で 一人走りすぎて
気付いたら 私の車だけ

太陽の国へ行こうよ すぐに
暗闇抜けて 惑星めざし
自由な時代の 心地よい束縛 求め

太陽の国へ行こうよ すぐに
暗闇抜けて 惑星めざし
自由な時代の 心地よい束縛 求め

太陽の国へ行こうよ すぐに
空飛ぶ夢に乗って 宇宙を走る

24 June 2011

† Matt Rach: The Rising Young French Guitarist †

Matthew Rachmajda, also known as Matt Rach, born February 15, 1991, is a young French guitarist, who has become well-known in the internet especially in YouTube with videos of him performing his own composed music.

MattRach has been playing the guitar since he was eight years old and has been in a band since 2003. He is so talented that he can play at many music instruments and that makes himself the bassist, guitarist, drummer, keyboardist and accoustic guitarist of his self-composed music. Below are my most favourited videos of Matt Rach performing his music.

Title: Exotic Rain

A great music with fantastic bass arrangement plus a hang drum playing along in the intro.

Title: Run Or Die

A cute and cheerful arrangement where Matt plays his banjo with his full-of-expression face.

Matt is truly a gifted and talented guy in which he possessed the ability to play, to compose and to express himself through music. It won't take long for him to reach international level and perhaps in a few years time you might see him appears in television as well as magazines.

23 June 2011

† Sparking: For Those Who Fight The Business World †

Title: Sparking
Performed by: Tom Leonard, Jeff Pescetto
I'm here now
I'm doing the best I can
Where are you now?
Did your dreams come true?
Here we go

Get up, Get up
Get up

What does the word "peace" mean?
There should only be a smiling face?
Answer me, reticent God
But the sun rises again
When will that time return?
Swear you won't give up

Break out
Everything day by day
Freak out
Anything step by step
Leave the sin and let me know leave the sin
Break down
Make my story
Get down
They are called history
My heartbeat gonna be faster
Shout, Shout, Shout, Shout Soul

Destiny or deadly
I don't care which on'es walking this way
They're nothing together
What if I go back to zero?

Get power of infinity
All meen together make one man at the time of an important decision
Please do not lose your vision
You're the one. Show me only your dance in earnest
Even if wrapped in darkness
Light is beyond the horizon

Believe your own energy
Super King!
Get by my hands
Now, open your wing
Super King!
You can do it
Get up, Get up, Get up, Get up, Get up
To the top of the world

22 June 2011

† Joyful Selection: Cheap Guitar + Cheap Hard Cover †

What a joy! I've managed to buy this guitar plus a cover combo at the price of RM350 only: semi-acoustic guitar RM190, hard case cover RM160 and it comes to a total of RM350.

Nicely crafted design and colour. Although its not an expensive Ibanez or Fender guitar, I still love it very much.

The good thing about it is that, its my favourite turtle back design. I've been wanting to own such guitar since my childhood and finally I've got one!

Simplicity makes perfection. There's no hankey bankey designs or graphite on the cover and this is what makes it looks original.

02 June 2011

† UNISEM: Time For Revival? †

UNISEM, a company listed on The Main Board of K.L.S.E and also a world class semiconductor assembly.

UNISEM has recently dropped so badly like a waterfall. The effect of the weakening dollar against emerging market currencies will make it less attractive for semiconductor companies to outsource. Since most Malaysian semiconductor companies depend on outsourcing contracts from major integrated devices manufacturers from the US, these companies may lose their competitive edge in the longer term if the rising trend of the ringgit is not reversed. In short, drop of US dollar = drop of UNISEM value.

Fundamental analysis has shown decline in the revenue by 11.9% compared to last year. This may be a sad case to most buyers but look at the bright side, the narrowing of Bollinger Bands, low RSI and the rising trend of MACD as shown in the technical analysis diagram above might show a possibility of positive turning.

UNISEM, a ball that bounces back or a knife that cut through your hand when you hold it? If I can give you an answer here, I'll be definitely a God. Nobody knows the future. In the longer run, if the US dollar stays at this level, it might be a difficult situation for UNISEM to rise. The bad/good news is that, the rise of Malaysian Ringgit is not expected to slow down that soon. Hence, companies like UNISEM which trade in dollar terms should buckle up for a more challenging future.